Monday, July 11, 2022

    Metropolitan Oleksandr on invaders: They are not religious people, they are anti-Christians

    This is a provocation as they must somehow justify the war. They are not religious people, they are anti-Christians. This is a ruscist ideological machine, a political technique, which will then be used to claim that we fire at ourselves. They don’t care about our churches and their money.

    Metropolitan Oleksandr of Pereyaslav and Vyshneve said this in an interview with, answering the question of why Russia is shelling the churches of the UOC-MP.

    “Patriarch Cyril turned out to be the most militarized politician when he blessed the war in Ukraine and supported the political authorities. He should have told Putin not to kill Ukrainians and not to commit genocide,” the bishop emphasized.

    According to him, the Church should be out of politics, it cannot be in politics. At the same time, the Church cannot be apart from the people, because it lives in this world and in this society. The Church should provide the correct characteristics of what is happening in society, but not take the side of certain politicians.

    “The principle of ‘Church outside of politics’ was formulated in 2007 in the founding documents of the UOC by Metropolitan Volodymyr. At that time, political Orthodoxy, which had become the basis of relations between the church and the state now prevailing in Russia, was condemned. Some also tried to create something similar, here but it never worked out,” noted Bishop Oleksandr.