Thursday, June 30, 2022

    We are waiting for both secular Nuremberg trial and Pentarchy court for Cyril – theologian

    The Ukrainian Church must break with the ROC heretics and state that it expects both the secular Nuremberg trial and condemnation on the part of the pentarchy over Cyril.

    This opinion was expressed by theologian, Professor Yuriy Chornomorets, who spoke in an interview with Ukrinform.

    “What kind of unity with the Russians can we talk about here if they supported the war against us ?! The people of any Orthodox country – Bulgaria, Romania, or Serbia – would not tolerate bishops like those in the Moscow Patriarchate. And I would just say: remove the panagia, we will now teach you how to be patriots of your country, how to be Christians in such a situation. There are terrible crimes not only against Ukraine, but against humanity, against Christianity, we see the living antichrist and the petty devil Putin, we see another antichrist Cyril, both speaking in unison with each other and supporting the war. How can there be any canonical ties with them?” notes Chornomorets.

    According to the theologian, “even if the Church finds itself in complete canonical isolation, we should break with these heretics, with these criminals in robes, and say that we are waiting for the secular Nuremberg trial over Cyril, and we are waiting for condemnation from the Pentarchy.”

    The theologian notes that the Moscow Patriarchate still exists in Ukraine due to the fact that the country has the most liberal legislation to this end.

    “We have the most liberal legislation. And this is a great blessing for the churches. By the way, the only reason why we still have the Moscow Patriarchate here is because we have the most liberal legislation. And it would have to be banned by a decision of the Security and Defense Council. They should convene and make a decision to ban the Moscow Patriarchate as a religious organization,” he said.