Friday, June 2, 2023

    Archbishop of Athens: My thoughts and prayers are heading towards our Ukrainian brothers

    “I am deeply shocked and my thoughts and prayers are heading towards our Ukrainian brothers, especially to the young children and the elderly who are experiencing the horror of war, and of course to the thousands of our compatriots in the country”, stated the Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece.

    That’s according to Orthodox Times.

    He continued as follows: “In fact, I have to tell you that I was shocked as a person and as a clergyman, seeing the image of a small child who says in tears that he doesn’t want to die and that he wants this war to end as soon as possible, but also the image of a father who says in tears goodbye to his daughter and his wife who are leaving in search of a safe haven.

    So I hope and pray that this war will end now, that prudence and logic will prevail and that it will be understood that all issues can be settled and resolved through dialogue and conciliation and never by force.”