Monday, May 23, 2022

    In Christmas address, head of Cyprus Church calls for withdrawal of occupation troops from island

    The head of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, Archbishop Chrysostomos II, called on the people of the island to defend their rights and continue to demand that the Turkish troops pull out of Cyprus.

    The top cleric spoke about this on Saturday in his Christmas message to the faithful, published on the official website of the Church of Cyprus.

    “Let’s not allow illusions to weaken our fighting spirit within us. The behavior of the invader today does not allow us to rest calm. We must remain united and firm in defending our rights, steadfast and unwavering in our demand to withdraw the occupying forces, return the refugees to their ancestors’ homes and at the same time be ready to defend ourselves, to any possible violent confrontation because no matter how much we don’t want it, such a confrontation will be imposed on us without hesitation by the invader’s greed and expansionist plans.”

    The head of the Church of Cyprus stressed that the islanders are celebrating Christmas for the 47th time “in a divided country where a third of the population have left their homes and families” and where many are still missing or awaiting their loved ones.

    “The fact that Christ came to earth to protect the unfortunate and help those who fighting for justice does not allow us to lose hope but requires us to continue to fight. Therefore, having turned our eyes to Him and with unshakable faith in the irresistible power of His righteousness, let us continue our struggle,” reads the Christmas message by Archbishop Chrysostomos II.

    The head of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus congratulated and blessed all the people of his Church, especially the refugees in need and the families who have been waiting for their missing children. “We sincerely want that the incarnated Christ support everyone. We also extend special wishes to our country’s leadership to resolve our national issue in a spirit of unity and fighting spirit. ”

    “Let us constantly direct the eyes of our souls to the Lord who was born in a cave and lies in a cradle, and with the fervent zeal of the soul pray to Him for our salvation and protection of our nation’s struggle, so that soon the bells may ring in our sacred temples that today remain enslaved,” Archbishop Chrysostomos concluded.

    It should be recalled that Pope Francis met with the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus. Also in November 2021, three hierarchs of the Church of Cyprus who snubbed recognition of the OCU for the first time co-served with their primate.