Tuesday, January 25, 2022

    ROCinU talking heads see prosecution of Kremlin aides as “oppression of Orthodoxy”

    Propaganda outlets affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (the so-called UOC-MP) have once again found a pretext to claim “oppression of the church” in Ukraine. This time, pro-Kremlin resources are concerned about the fate of oligarch Vadym Novynsky, notoriously known for his cooperation with the occupation forces.

    It is noteworthy that no official reports have come from the competent authorities of Ukraine regarding potential prosecution of Mr. Novynsky under Ukrainian law. However, representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate have already claimed “pressure on the church,” adding they are ready to defend their sponsor.

    One of the propaganda platforms affiliated with the ROCinU circulated a report about the alleged preparation by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of draft decisions on imposing sanctions on Vadym Novynsky and his Ukraine-based business. In addition, according to pro-Russian information platforms, the Security Service of Ukraine has been instructed to prepare an investigative documentary about Novinsky’s trips to the Russian Federation and his participation in business schemes involving Russia.

    Such statements, which have not yet been confirmed by officials, were picked up and immediately painted in religious colors.

    Propagandists did not hesitate to identify Vadym Novynsky’s persona with the entire ROCinU (UOC-MP) and compared his potential legal liability for his possible wrongdoings with the persecution of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine.

    We must admit that the propagandists were not mistaken in one thing. If Novynsky’s money factor is eliminated, the ROCinU, deprived of informational and financial support from Moscow as a religious organization, will soon cease to exist and unite with the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

    However, in everything else the propagandists manipulate and openly mislead the readers.

    We must remind forgetful pro-Russian figures that Ukraine’s legislation is the same for everyone. In case anyone violates laws of Ukraine, they should be prosecuted regardless of their religious preferences or any merits of the past.

    Moreover, belonging to the faithful or even the clergy of the ROCinU (UCP MP) should not guarantee legal inviolability of any politician or oligarch if their cooperation with the occupier is proven in the manner prescribed by law.

    However, it should hardly be expected that pro-Russian information platforms will cease their manipulative efforts. Moscow probably feels that its network of agents of influence in Ukraine is under threat, so all tools available will be employed to save it, including rescuing Vadym Novynsky from liability. All without exception, even the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which cynically hides under the name “Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchat,” unfortunately has nothing Ukrainian in it.