Tuesday, November 29, 2022

    ROCinU labels Ukrainian authorities “antichrists”

    The organizers of the so-called “ROCinU procession in Kyiv” have branded Ukrainian government officials “antichrists” and called on believers not to be “silly sheep.”

    “You can’t be silly sheep. It’s not the right time. You mustn’t be hiding under the table… You need to be confessors today! Today we need to stand up and spread the word in protecting the Church. We need to show the antichrist’s servants that there’s plenty of us and that we will protect our Church, our Primate (Onufriy – ed.), and our priesthood!!!” the organizers wrote on their Telegram channel.

    The admin is a pro-Russian activist Yuriy Smyk who sports an avatar for his profile, glorifying Soviet Army. Probably the Russian-Ukrainian war is not as relevant and painful for him as the events that unfolded some 75 years ago.

    Procession organizer and Telegram channel admin’s profile

    Yuriy Smyk writes that on the procession’s path to Kyiv, “everyone who goes to [ROCinU] church should attend it.”

    Smyk also explained that the ROCinU believers must come as they have all been receiving grace “free of charge” in the temples of the Moscow Patriarchate and it is now time to “repay” the church with a mass rally.

    “We need to go to that procession and give the Church as little as we can – this is our word in support of it!! You can’t be parasites that are only used to take! So, it’s Kyiv, July 27! Everyone must be there!” the appeal reads.

    Yuriy Smyk is also sure that all believers of the Moscow Patriarchate set to be walking to Kyiv as part of the procession will be “confessors” and, judging by his tone, it is also possible that they might as well become some kind of “martyrs.”

    “Call your friends!” It’s time to become confessors! Golden years of life for a Christian loving their Holy Church. The procession is where Angels are walking along with people. It would unwise to pass such a Celebration of Faith and Miracle on Earth… There must be at least 300,000 of us! Once again: call everyone!!!  These are not empty words… This is no ad. This is a call to everyone who sees this post: make an effort, my dear, call everyone you can!! There’s 10 days left…. Let’s work hard for the 10 days that’s left!!!! “, – summed up in the ROC.

    It should be recalled that earlier, ROCinU ran a 25-km procession in Bukovyna in honor of Russia’s tsar Nikolay II. Also, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, Onufriy (Berezovsky), blessed the holding of a contest in honor of Princess Elizabeth of the Russian Empire.