Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    UOC of USA Archbishop calls on Congress to approve Ukraine aid

    Archbishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA has called on U.S. lawmakers to pass legislation that would ensure continued security assistance to Ukraine.

    That’s according to the Church’s press service.

    “In a passionate plea to the United States Congress, Archbishop Daniel has called for bipartisan support for the Ukrainian Aid bill, urging politicians to set aside political agendas in favor of humanitarian action. He emphasizes that the world is watching the response of the American people and their elected representatives, highlighting the moral imperative to stand in solidarity with Ukraine during this critical time not only in formal expression but in actions, just as we witnessed the aid of the United States of America being provided to Israel in time of Iranian attack,” the report reads.

    As the conflict rages on, the efforts of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA “serve as a testament to the power of compassion and solidarity in the face of adversity”.

    Through their unwavering commitment to serving those in need and advocating for international support, they offer hope and assistance to the people of Ukraine, demonstrating the true spirit of humanitarianism in action, the press service recalls.

    “Archbishop Daniel, deeply moved by the devastation witnessed in Ukrainian towns and villages, has condemned the actions of those who perpetrate violence in the name of religion,” the report reads. “He has spoken out against the endorsement of genocidal actions of Russia by leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church (who recently designated the invasion of Ukraine as a “holy war”), emphasizing the urgent need for international support in the face of invasion.”