Thursday, April 18, 2024

    UOC (MP) Metropolitan from Sumy defiant after security officials press charges

    On February 27, 2024, the Metropolitan of the UOC (MP) in Sumy, Yevlogiy (Hutchenko), appealed to the clergy of the diocese to pray for him in connection with the criminal charges pressed against him by the Security Service of Ukraine.

    In a statement published by the press service of the UOC (MP) Sumy Diocese, the hierarch does not reveal the details of the charge, only noting that he considers it groundless.

    Metropolitan Evlogiy called on believers for prayer support, so that “the Lord strengthens my faith and spirit, and gives me the wisdom not to make mistakes during these trials.”

    “Today, when false slanders are being poured on our Church and its faithful members, and the number of threats is increasing every day and the situation is heating up, my soul and heart turn to God, seeking comfort and strength from Him. My bishop’s conscience does not allow me to succumb to these attacks and plead guilty of actions I did not commit. I believe that God’s truth will win, but for this I need your support and prayer help,” the appeal reads.

    He also urged believers to “keep faith and love in our hearts.”

    It should be recalled that the priests of the men’s monastery at the Khust Diocese of the UOC (MP) in Zakarpattia were also charged by the SBU.