Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Moscow Patriarchate’s lawyer Robert Amsterdam meets with MP Artem Dmytruk

    People’s Deputy Artem Dmytruk, known for his lobbying efforts for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), met with lawyer Robert Amsterdam, who also represents the UOC (MP).

    Dmytruk announced the meeting on his Telegram channel. He noted that various legal issues were discussed, as well as “cases of their systematic violation”.

    “The position of American public remains unchanged: the rights of citizens, the choice of religion, the language of communication, and freedom of speech are fundamental values for the entire democratic community,” Dmytruk wrote.

    He added that American politicians want to see Ukraine observe the basic values of the civilized world.

    “It’s nice to talk to people who understand you and are ready to lend a hand,” said the deputy.

    It should be emphasized that Artem Dmytruk is one of the most vocal defenders of the UOC (MP) in the Verkhovna Rada. It was he who posted an UAH 121,000 bail for his ally, cleric Pavlo (Lebid), who is suspected of collaborationism with the enemy.

    It is important to recall that the UOC (MP) has retained close ties with the Russian Orthodox Church, which is used by Russia to advance its geopolitical interests and invasion plans. Therefore, Ukraine seeks to ban the destructive influence of Moscow on certain churches – not religion as such. It is important to be careful about the statements of the UOC (MP) and its lobbyists, who lament about “banning belief in God” and “persecuting believers.” These claims serve as a cover-up for Russia’s influence on the masses in Ukraine.

    As reported earlier, lawyer of the UOC (MP) Amsterdam accused Ukraine of “persecuting” clerics-collaborators from the UOC (MP). In particular, he alluded to Metropolitan Feodosiy (Snigiriev), who is suspected of aiding and abetting the enemy. Also, the UOC (MP) lobbyist got confused in his own words: he first admitted his connection with the Russian Orthodox Church, and then denied it.