Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Putin goes wild, claiming impossible to break “unity” of ROC, UOC (MP)

    The Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin spoke about the unity of the UOC (MP) and the ROC. In an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, Putin said that, despite the action taken by the Ukrainian authorities, no one would be able to divide the ROC.

    “Why are the Ukrainian authorities breaking the Russian Orthodox Church? Because it does not unite the territory, but the soul, and no one will be able to separate it, ”Putin said.

    The Spiritual Front of Ukraine looked into Putin’s manipulation and lies during Carlson’s media stunt.

    Putin’s statement that the ROC “unites the soul” and “no one can separate it” carries a dangerous denial of Ukrainian identity. The ROC has been used as a tool for Russification and assimilation of Ukrainians for centuries.

    Putin’s statements are also in direct interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine. The Ukrainian state has the right to independently determine its religious policy and has the right to an independent autocephalous church.

    Putin is known to use religion as a tool of political influence. The ROC becomes a tool for propaganda and justification of aggression against Ukraine. Often the so-called “special military operation” is justified by an alleged “persecution” of the UOC (MP). Recently, such messages were spread by Russian propaganda as part of a fake appeal on behalf of Ternopil Metropolitan of the UOC (MP).

    Putin ignores the historical facts of the Independence of the OCU and how Ukrainians have sought an independent church for many years. The events that unfolded in early and late 20th century, as well as recent history, testify to the desire of Ukrainians for autocephaly. However, the Russian dictator is never interested in other people’s thoughts. Putin neglects the will of the Russians and neglects the opinion of believers in Ukraine, too.

    At the same time, the use of ROC as a tool of geopolitical influence, as well as in the war against Ukraine, harms religious freedom and interfaith peace in Ukraine. Due to the indefinite status of the UOC (MP), the latter is facing prohibition.

    It should be emphasized that the impact of the ROC in Ukraine poses a threat to national security, as this church is loyal to the government of Russia, and the head – Patriarch Kiril of Moscow – fully supports the aggression and crimes committed by the Russian military.

    Thus, Putin’s statement indicates the use of ROC as a soft force tool. This once again demonstrates Russia’s imperial ambitions and will to control Ukraine, using not only military violence, but also the Russian Church, in the war of aggression

    Carlson often circulates Russian narratives and fakes

    Recently, the defender of the UOC (MP), Tucker Carlson, came to Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin, a move that Hillary Clinton branded as one taken by a “useful idiot”.

    Carlson publicly made a statement against U.S. support for Ukraine and interceded for the UOC (MP) in an interview with Bob Amsterdam. He falsely argued that U.S. cities were affected because Congress and White House provided billions of dollars in Ukraine.

    In November 2023, he spread the fake story of the alleged prohibition of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and persecution of Christians – this is how he falsely interpreted the initiative to adopt a law on banning the activities of churches whose decision-making center is located in Moscow. At the same time, he stopped short of noting that law would not prohibit specifically the UOC (MP), that it is yet to be approved, and that there are other Orthodox churches operating in Ukraine.

    Observers say the comment was a result of the effort by American lobbyists hired by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. Thanks to Carlson, the UOC (MP) spreads false information about its “millennial” history to foreign audiences. Thus, in an interview with Carlson, UOC -MP lobbyist Robert Amsterdam argued that the UOC (MP) allegedly has a millennial history and that the OCU is only five years old.

    According to theologian Kyrylo Hovorun, Vadym Novinsky runs in the U.S. a malign psyop targeting Ukraine, involving Tucker Carlson. Horovun believes Amsterdam’s interview with Carlson, which has gained more than 50 million views, had a tremendous impact on the formation of a point of view on Ukraine, in particular in Republican circles. Amsterdam claimed the UOC (MP) and the OCU represent different religions, so when Ukraine puts pressure on the UOC (MP), it allegedly means the oppression of religion as such, not the fight against the influence of the aggressor on the Church.

    In fact, as the head of the Ukrainian government watchdog emphasized, the dismantling of the Moscow Patriarchate should not affect people’s ability to profess their religion. So people will not be forbidden to pray in temples or profess their faith in God. That is, the abstracts of “persecution” is a conscious lie on the part of the UOC (MP), which is spread not only in Ukraine but also by pro-Russian liars in the United States.

    In an interview, Carlson also spoke about the “bad” Ukrainian authorities fighting religion with the support of U.S. government. In the past, ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson has repeatedly spread Russian fakes about the war in Ukraine, playing along with Russian propaganda.

    In June 2023, Carlson made a 10-minute video recorded from home, using a temeprompter, in which he laid responsibility for the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dam on Ukraine, offended the Ukrainian president, and referred to 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    In 2022, Carlson congratulated his viewers on the anniversary of the special military operation.

    Tucker did not shy away from conspiracy theories and claimed that the U.S. government has in its disposal a spacecraft full of aliens, repeated disinformation initially spread by Russian authorities about American bio labs in Ukraine, accused Ukraine of destroying the Kakhovka dam, and Washington – of blowing up the Nord Stream pipes.

    The Russian state media regularly refers to Carlson as a journalist who “tells the truth” and often quotes him. Over the past week alone, he has been mentioned in Russian media and social media platforms 2,050 times.

    Among the famous politicians whom Carlson recently interviewed is pro-Russian Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.