Sunday, June 16, 2024

    ROC publishes decree sacking Archimandrite Kyrylo Govorun

    On the website of the Moscow Diocese, the decree of Patriarch Kirill on depriving Archimandrite Kyrylo Govorun of his archimandrite rank has been published.

    “Hereby, based on the decision of the diocesan church court of the Moscow Diocese dated October 31, 2023, you shall be deprived of dignity in connection with the violation of the 25th rule of the holy apostles,” says the decree signed by the Patriarch of Moscow, who supports Russian aggression against Ukraine.

    It should be recalled that the court of the Russian Orthodox Church decided to excommunicate Archimandrite Kyrylo (Hovorun) from his rank in December of last year. Prior to that, Archimandrite Kyrylo co-served with the Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Bishop Michael of Koman, in St. Andrew’s Church in Kyiv. On September 25, the Russian Orthodox Church issued a decree banning Archimandrite Kyrylo (Govorun) from service.

    As stated in the article by the Spiritual Front of Ukraine, the ROC resorts to repression against those who try to unite Ukrainians. The theologian himself then wrote that the real reason for his suspension was his public criticism of Russian aggression in Ukraine. The archimandrite also stated that such a decision by the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church is an act of intimidation of other priests so that they do not express objections to the war.

    “This decision is an act of intimidation. Not toward me, but toward those in the Russian church who are thinking of coming forward and saying a word against the war. The patriarch is driven by fear and wants others to experience this fear. But fear cannot strengthen authority, it only destroys it from within. Fear is poison in the body of the Church. We must resist so that it does not swallow us up,” Govorun concluded.

    He also said that punishing collaborators is the key to overcoming Russia’s influence on the UOC (MP).