Sunday, March 3, 2024

    ROC’s war propaganda book should be translated into English to spread awareness – journalist

    A war propaganda book about serving in the army, “Russia’s enemies”, and absolution for dying in war, published by the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), should be translated into English and distributed worldwide. The church clearly supports Russia’s military operations abroad, not only in Ukraine.

    Journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk addressed the issue on the air of FREEDOM TV.

    “This book must be urgently translated into English and distributed in the USA and other countries, because for some reason many still think that the Russian Orthodox Church and the ROC’s representative office in Ukraine are engaged in praying to God. Maybe they do pray, but their only God is Putin, who is the devil,” Tsymbaliuk said.

    The journalist emphasized that the church openly “blesses participation in the war”, and not only against Ukraine.

    “You must always obey, you must dig trenches… And if you take into account that the Russian state-run television designates the United States as the nation’s main enemy, then this should be conveyed to the Western public all the more,” he emphasizes.

    Tsymbaliuk noted that Russian agents in the West continue to misinform the public, claiming that Orthodoxy is allegedly being oppressed in Ukraine.

    “And if this book is translated, they will understand that the ROC has nothing in common in such a situation. In addition, there is one such point regarding complete submission to the authorities. That’s actually the idea for which the ROC and Moscow’s priests root – supposedly, there are no authorities other than those bestowed upon us by God. So, this Russian synodal translation was made with intentional distortions of senses, because the original text says: ‘every soul submits to a higher authority, because it is not an authority if it doesn’t come from God.’ Agree, there is power, if it doesn’t come from God – and it’s not the same as all power comes from God. I think everyone should think about this if your country is ruled by crazy old men of 70+, for whom the main sense is death, war and death. This power cannot come from God,” concluded Roman Tsymbaliuk.