Sunday, March 3, 2024

    “OCU will lose strategically”: Theologian Kyrylo Hovorun comments on brawl at UOC (MP) church in Cherkasy

    Archimandrite Kyrylo Hovorun, a Ukrainian professor and theologian, spoke about the storming of the UOC (MP) church in Cherkasy. He noted that we should all condemn violence and attacks on churches. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the consequences of such manifestations for Ukraine.

    “Ignoring acts of violence in public, the OCU may win tactically, but lose strategically. By condemning violence and preventing it, it wins strategically.

    Ukraine loses both tactically and strategically from such episodes. Soon, this video will mobilize American isolationists for a campaign to reduce support for our country,” reads Hovorun’s posting on Facebook.

    Father Kyrylo believes that such episodes are possible because people do not believe in the one Church of Christ, but identify it with jurisdictions. “It’s flawed ecclesiology on both sides of the conflict,” the theologian believes.

    It should be recalled that a fight broke out on the territory of the UOC (MP) monastery in Cherkasy. On November 20, the representatives of the UOC (MP) were supposed to vacate the monastery, as the priest and the community had transitioned to the OCU. However, UOC (MP) clergy never left the premises, which led to a brawl.