Tuesday, February 27, 2024

    ROC suffers another blow as acclaimed Moldovan priest switches to Romanian Church

    The famous Moldovan priest and theologian Fr. Vetseslav Cazacu left the Moldavian Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church to join the Romanian Orthodox Church.

    Casacu said in an interview with TV8.

    Until now, Cazacu was one of the most outstanding theologians of the Metropolis of Moldova (MP). He is the founder of the Orthodox higher seminary, as well as the theological academy. Although Metropolitan Vladimir is officially the rector of the educational institution, it was actually headed by the vice-rector, who has now quit the structure canonically subordinate to Moscow. Being originally from Ukraine (a Chernivtsi-born ethnic Romanian), the priest said he could no longer stay with the ROC,” the outlet reports.

    The Bessarabian Metropolis confirmed the fact that the Romanian Church accepted the priest, stating that such processes are currently actively ongoing.

    Father Vetseslav was one of the leading theologians and founder of the Orthodox Theological Academy in Chisinau. His departure deals another blow to the positions of the Moscow Patriarchate in Moldova.

    The process of the transition of Moldovan parishes to the Romanian Church accelerated sharply after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Local priests and communities do not want to be associated with the aggressor.

    This provoked a sharp reaction from the Moscow Patriarch Kirill, to whom Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau complained that the “Russian world” saw no support in Moldova. However, the process of decolonization of the church in this country cannot be stopped.