Saturday, June 15, 2024

    Turncoat priests promoting sham elections in occupied areas of Ukraine

    The priest with the UOC (in unity with the Moscow Patriarchate) Gennadiy Shkil, who is an abbot at the Seraphim of Sarov church in the Russian-occupied town of Hola Prystan, Kherson region, took part in pseudo-elections, set up by invaders. Moreover, he did this not in the settlement where his church and parish are located, but in Russia’s Stavropol Territory.

    This was reported by the invaders’ occupation election commission of Kherson region, reports Skadovsk.City.

    The pro-Russian Telegram channel posted a video address by archpriest Gennady Shkil who is seen praising the invaders for giving him the opportunity to vote.

    Gennady Shkil became one of the representatives of the Orthodox clergy who openly supported the Russian occupiers and cooperated with them. Shkil applied for a Russian passport in June 2022. He also often appears as a speaker in panel shows of various pro-Kremlin media: both Russian and local, such as the Tavria TV channel.

    But in the fall of 2022, when the right-bank part of the Dnipro in Kherson region was liberated from Russian occupation and the combat zone moved significantly closer to the left bank, the priest fled for Russia. That’s despite the fact that the town of Hola Prystan remains under occupation.

    He thus left behind his parishioners, badly affected by the flood that devastated the area after the Russians blew up the Kakhovka HPP dam.