Friday, May 24, 2024

    By year-end, first phase of National Military Memorial Cemetery to be set up

    The Ministry for Veterans Affairs has announced plans for the creation of a National Military Memorial Complex, which will perpetuate the memory of Ukraine defenders who perished in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

    First Deputy Minister Oleksandr Porhun announced that the first sector of the complex, which will include a military cemetery, a museum, a ritual building, and other facilities, is to be commissioned by the end of 2023.

    This will make it possible in the coming months to start burying there the heroes who died defending Ukraine’s independence. According to Porhun, the memorial complex should become a worthy location to perpetuate the memory of fallen defenders.

    “The construction of the memorial will be divided into several phases. We aim to build a sector of traditional burials, a columbarium, a square where farewell to our soldiers will be given, and the necessary structures for organizing burials. After putting the first phase into operation, we will be able to start burials, so as not to wait until the work is fully completed. We are setting ourselves ambitious plans – to put it into operation first of all by the end of this year,” Oleksandr Porhun emphasized.

    UAH 65.4 million is provided for the implementation of the project in the 2023 budget. Anyone wishing to participate in erecting a memorial will be able to submit proposals.