Monday, May 27, 2024

    Ukraine swaps detained UOC (MP) cleric for 28 soldiers

    As of today, proceedings have been opened in Ukraine against 61 clergymen with the UOC (MP). Russia values its agents in cassocks a lot, thanks to which it was possible to return 28 soldiers home in exchange for one of the arrested priests.

    This was stated by the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Maliuk, in an interview with Interfax.

    “I already said before – the presence of a cassock and incense is not an aggravating circumstance, but it does not exempt anyone from criminal liability either. And neither does it give any indulgences. We work exclusively within the framework of law, regardless of church rank,” said Maliuk.

    According to the head of the SBU, as a result of counter-intelligence and security measures undertaken, criminal proceedings were initiated against 61 clergymen. In total, the court has already handed down seven verdicts against clerics who had sided with the enemy. Two of them were then exchanged for Ukrainian POWs.

    “And I’d like to emphasize that the enemy highly values its assets in cassocks – yes, one such person was exchanged for 28 Ukrainian servicemen,” the head of the SBU noted.

    In particular, the Ukrainian citizenship was terminated for 19 priests with the UOC (MP).

    “We are rooting out Russian agents from our land. FSB agents in cassocks have no place in a country at war. And let the traitors not even dream of praying their sins away,” said Maliuk.