Tuesday, April 23, 2024

    Hierarch of UOC of USA supports Senator’s idea to sanctions Russian patriarch Cyril

    Archbishop Daniel Zelinsky of the UOC of the USA has endorsed the proposal put forward by a U.S. senator to impose personal sanctions on ROC head Cyril.

    “In the light of the most horrific attacks upon the people of Ukraine, I offer my personal support for the call of the US Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), the ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, to impose sanctions on Patriarch Cyril of the Russian Orthodox Church,” he wrote on Facebook.

    “Through his support of the attempted war invasion of Ukraine, patriarch Cyril became an accomplice to the Russia’s horrific war crimes! Because of his inability to speak the truth, patriarch Cyril does not look like a pastor of the church, who preachers the LIFE-SAVING message of our Creator, but on the contrary, as one who through his preaching and actions enforced and blessed massacres, rape and destruction – that is enough to qualify him as an agent of Russian war machine, who provides ideological justification for any and all actions of the Russian government, no matter how horrific and bloody they are!” Zelinsky added.

    Earlier, a GOP senator called on Transatlantic partners to introduce sanctions against patriarch Kirill for blessing Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    “Here is a quote of patriarch Cyril: ‘Go bravely to fulfill your military duty. And remember that if you lay down your life for your country, you will be with God in his kingdom, glory and eternal life’… military duty? By invading and slaughtering innocent people?” Zelinsky wrote.