Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    OCU head notes role of volunteers in fighting off evil

    The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy, stated that Ukrainians have always had a passion for volunteerism and heroism, and that this is an important component of the nation’s mentality. That is why Ukraine’s enemies will not defeat the nation, he is positive.

    “The phenomenon of volunteering has long been inherent in the Ukrainians. Always, in the most difficult times of our history, there were those who voluntarily deployed to fight evil and injustice, protecting our Motherland. Glorious Cossacks, fighters for our statehood, and insurgents of the 20th century and others – Ukrainians have whole generations of glorious champions who fought for freedom and independence,” Metropolitan Epifaniy said in a posting on Facebook.

    He noted that since the start of the full-scale war with the Russian aggressor, the Ukrainian people have become volunteers, which allowed for revealing a unique self-organization, unity, sacrifice, and love for one’s neighbor.

    The head of the OCU called on all people of good will to support the fight against evil, and noted that the Church is always ready to help.

    “Millions – from a small child to a venerable elderly person – of their own free will, voluntarily, help as much as they can in this fight against evil. Dear Ukrainians, all people of good will! You are incredible and blessed. Our Church prays for you and is always ready to help. Let’s fight – let’s stand!” the hierarch concluded.