Friday, July 19, 2024

    UOC MP spox snaps at SBU over recent raids

    The spokesman for the UOC MP, Mykola Danylevich, has accused the mass media of a biased coverage as to the number of enemy collaborators operating within his church. He says that there are significantly more of them in the SBU security service, which is investigating such cases.

    “…journalists who write about this issue covered it one-sidedly, bypassing the quote of the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, that hostile influence is being exerted in various directions of public life,” Danylevych wrote on Telegram.

    He claimed that there were “single cases of collaborationism” in the UOC MP ranks and that “no one denies or justifies this”

    The spokesman of the UOC MP recalled that last week the SBU reported 33 pending criminal probes targeting UOC MP clergymen, while SBU acting chief referred to the UOC MP as “an ideal field for the functioning of the enemy intelligence network handlers.”

    Danylevich says that not only the UOC-MP has an enemy agency, it “works in different directions: from the military, from the law enforcement bloc, and in politics, there is also the collection of legal information from open sources. They have multifaceted activities.”

    The speaker for the UOC MP emphasized that it shows “the scale of this phenomenon in government and security agencies, which is incomparably greater than that in the Church (UOC MP, – ed.). Therefore, one should keep a cool head in these matters and not heat up dividing lines in society.”

    “…since the start of the full-scale war unleashed by Russia, the SBO investigators have instituted 420 criminal cases against law enforcers and government officials on the charges of treason and collaborationism. Separately, the Head of the National Police Ihor Klymenko declared about 1,358 facts of cooperation with the enemy,” says Danylevych.

    It should be recalled that a few days ago, the SBU stated that they understand all possible threats of hostile influence in the activities of the UOC (MP), therefore they are doing a good quality job in this direction. According to the head of the Ukrainian security service, this environment is an ideal field for the functioning of the enemy intelligence network handlers. Thirty-three suspects were charged among the UOC MP clergy.

    Also, the SBU exposed the metropolitan of one of the UOC-MP dioceses for working in the interests of the Russian Federation. In addition, the SBU raided the homes and offices of the UOC MP diocese in Kirovohrad region.

    Incidentally, a few days prior to the full-scale invasion, Danylevch shared Ukrainian mogul Vadym Novynsky’s posting, convincing that “the war with the Russian Federation will remain on TV.”