Sunday, April 21, 2024

    Church of Antioch prays for peace in Ukraine, calls to switch to “language of dialogue”

    The Holy Antiochian Synod presided over by Patriarch John X (Yazigi), held its thirteenth regular session and fourteenth extraordinary session, from October 12 to October 17, 2022, in Balamand.

    The Fathers followed with deep pain and great sadness the painful events in Ukraine that impact the whole world. They raised their fervent prayers for peace in Ukraine and the whole world, and for the Almighty Lord to inspire decision-makers to make peace prevail and to adopt the language of dialogue in order to spare everyone further destruction along with human and material losses, according to Orthodox Times.

    The Fathers pray for the peace of the whole world and ask Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord of peace and God of all comfort, to instill His peace in all, to touch the world with His love and Divine mercy, and to heal the wounds of those bereaved people living in a struggling world and yearning for His peace.