Sunday, July 21, 2024

    Ecumenical Patriarch’s Exarch to Ukraine appoints Polish religious expert Patryk Panasiuk own adviser

    On August 18, the Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bishop Michael (Anishchenko) of Koman, appointed Patryk Panasiuk, head of the Polish-Greek Foundation of St. Maryna, as his adviser.

    On September 13, Mr. Panasiuk was granted the relevant certificate, of which he posted on Facebook.

    “Today, from the hands of His Eminence Bishop Michael of Koman, I received a certificate confirming my status of Advisor to the Exarch of the Patriarch of Constantinople to Kyiv.

    I would like to thank His Eminence for his trust and readiness for broad cooperation in the social, cultural, and humanitarian spheres,” says Patryk Panasiuk’s posting.

    According to the newly appointed adviser, exarchates in the Orthodox Church perform functions similar to those of apostolic nunciatures, while exarchs are the highest representatives of the Patriarch of Constantinople to the local state authorities and the local Church.

    “I will fulfill my function in the social sphere, and this will complement my previous activity at the St. Maryna Foundation,” concluded Bishop Michael’s advisor Patryk Panasiuk.

    Mr. Panasiuk is an activist with the Orthodox community in Poland specializing in religious policy and diplomatic protocol of the Orthodox Church. Patryk Panasiuk graduated from the Theological National University of Athens (Greece) and the University of Warsaw. He has been actively working in the field of Polish-Greek relations, being the initiator of the Polish-Greek Ostrobram Festival in Athens.