Tuesday, September 27, 2022

    Exclusive: UOC-MP Metropolitan of Kropyvnytskyi pens letter to Cyril with praise, gratitude

    UOC-MP Metropolitan Ioasaf (Huben) of Kropyvnytskyi has congratulated Moscow Patriarch Cyril on Angel’s Day and reiterated propaganda narratives about “one people” and “Holy Russia.” There was not a single word in Ioasaf’s letter about Ukraine, Ukrainians, or Russia’s war on Ukraine, the crimes of Vladimir Putin’s regime and Cyril Gundyaev’s complicity in them. Instead, it was the praise of Cyril’s actions and hope for “performance for the good” of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    In a letter to which the Spiritual Front of Ukraine received access from a source in the Moscow Patriarchate, Ioasaf writes that “our joy is enhanced by the celebration of your Theomenist day. Indeed, the scale of your efforts for the spiritual and ethical education of our people is comparable to the actions of St. Equal to the Apostles Cyril.”

    The letter was written on May 22, when the Ruscists captured the Mariupol Defenders. In these tragic days, instead of demanding that Cyril exert his influence on Putin to stop the war, the hierarch of the UOC-MP sang his praises for Cyril’s “faith.”

    “Like your heavenly intercessor, you devote your whole life to preaching the Word of God, bringing people the eternal truths of the Holy Gospel. Your word finds grateful feedback in the hearts of millions, leads to the faith those in doubt, and affirms the piety of believers,” reads the letter to Cyril.

    In fact, Metropolitan Ioasaf even declared that the Moscow Patriarch should be emulated, despite the fact that it was Gundyayev who, since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, has been justifying the crimes of Russian troops and Vladimir Putin. It is also cynical that Ioasaf even mentioned Cyril’s sermons in a positive light.

    “The example of your service is for us an unchanging reference point in spiritual life. Your unshakable faith and complete trust in the Providence of the Creator, your bright sermons, full of deep meaning, and proactive multifaceted works inspire us, your humble employees, to the extent of our strength and opportunities to contribute to the cultivation of Christ’s field and give all our strength to the benefit and glory of the Holy Orthodox Church. We are grateful to God that He has destined us to live and work in the era of your High Priestly ministry,” Cyril said in his greeting.

    At the same time, Metropolitan Ioasaf referred to Cyril as head of the UOC-MP, and Russia’s aggressive and criminal war against Ukraine – as “unfavorable political conditions”: “Today, our Church is going through serious historical tests. You, as a superior, in addition to the colossal work of restoring the destroyed church infrastructure, repeatedly have to defend the interests of the Church and the position of Orthodoxy in very unfavorable political conditions, where the enemy of the human race is trying to destroy the blessed unity between Orthodox Christians.”

    And as is typical for collaborators, Ioasaf said that he also stands “for peace”, just like the Moscow patriarch – he also cheers for peace, “Russian world,” and Ukraine as part of Russia.

    Wrapping up his address, Ioasaf “most respectfully” writes: “accept my words of filial gratitude and praise, as well as the warmest greetings and wishes of good health, peace, well-being and joy, the fulfillment of plans for the benefit of our Holy Mother Church and our beloved Motherland – Holy Russia”.

    In response to this letter of Ioasaf, Moscow Patriarch Cyril wished Ioasaf fruitful service for the benefit of the “Moscow Patriarchate”, which he called the “Mother Church” for the hierarch of Ukraine.


    UOC MP Metropolitan Ioasaf thus seems to fully support the murderous, criminal actions of Cyril (Gundyaev) in his greeting, thereby apparently becoming an ally of terrorists who are part of the Putin regime.

    Ioasaf also shows that Onufriy and the UOC MP are part of the Moscow Patriarchate, while their head was and remains Moscow Patriarch Cyril (Gundyaev).

    Ioasaf does not recognize the Ukrainian people and Ukraine, because he writes about “the motherland – Holy Russia.” Avoiding the word “Ukrainians,” he writes about “our people” as if Ukrainians are one nation with Muscovites. It seems that in his dreams the metropolitan in Kropyvnytskyi lives in the times of the USSR and that is why he remembers “Holy Russia” as his “beloved Motherland”.

    In addition, Ioasaf even sees the Russian criminal in a cassock as a role model.


    In 2017, head of the UOC MP Onufriy (Berezovsky) and Ioasaf (Huben) made a trip to the aggressor country Russia to participate in the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. Then, on behalf of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, gratitude was expressed to Vladimir Putin for the latter’s important contribution “to the establishment of the ideals of justice, peace, and harmony between countries and peoples.” At that time, the UOC-MP pretended that they were not aware of these praises voiced to Putin.