Tuesday, July 5, 2022

    In occupied Crimea, calls for excluding English from school curriculum

    The Russian occupation administration on the Crimean peninsula seeks to stop teaching English in schools.

    They justify the move by claiming there is no need for children to master the language, as reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to TASS news agency.

    According to the so-called “Speaker of the State Council of Crimea” Vladimir Konstantinov, English is not needed in schools.

    “Why should we go blindly on the path of English? Why teach what is not needed if a person never travels to London?” says the so-called “speaker of the State Council of Crimea.”

    In his opinion, “imitating” another civilization is “dangerous.”

    “We are taking children hostage – they will say that ‘I know English so I wonder what England is like.’ Let’s learn our languages, develop our languages,” said Konstantinov.

    He also touched on the topic of the ongoing war, noting that the British are Russia’s adversaries.

    “The British have been at war with us for thousands of years, and we continue to study them, spending money on teachers, wasting time, and then running out of time for history,” he added.

    Personally, Konstantinov did not learn English at school, adding that he did at a two-year course when he allegedly had a need to do business. According to the self-styled official, everyone will have enough if they have the opportunity to learn a foreign language in such training courses, but it seems that it is not worth learning “foreign” languages ​​in schools.