Sunday, June 26, 2022

    Vatican shocked by ROC head justifying war with Ukraine

    The Vatican considers unacceptable the actions of Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Cyril, who justifies Russia’s war in Ukraine. This was stated by Cardinal Kurt Koch in an interview with the Catholic newspaper

    “Today, relations (between the Vatican and the ROC – ed.) have acquired a completely new character. Because, if such a pathetic war is even justified from a religious perspective, such behavior should impress every ecumenical heart,” the cardinal stressed.

    Koch also confirmed that the Pope had personally visited the Russian embassy in the Vatican after the start of the war and called for an end to hostilities, as well as the fact that he had canceled a meeting with Patriarch Cyril scheduled for June 2022.

    “The war in Ukraine is terrible and, as the Pope has repeatedly stressed, absurd. And it is killing a lot of people. So everything must be done to put an end to this terrible, indifferent war. Even if we have to accept a setback in diplomatic relations because of this, we need to continue our efforts,” the cardinal added.