Sunday, June 26, 2022

    Mariupol another symbol of Russia’s immorality where Christian values are diluted by KGB logic

    Russia’s war against Ukraine has dispelled a lot of myths. Firstly, the world’s second largest combat-ready army has turned out to be a carefully cherished placebo with detached strategic and tactical planning, limping logistics and supplies, and immoral personnel. Secondly, the myth of the alleged brotherhood of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples has finally collapsed. And thirdly, this war reversed a mythologem of Russia`s positioning as a reliable and virtuous partner. The purge by executions as it was in Bucha and the creation of humanitarian catastrophes like that occurring in Mariupol are blatant evidence of contempt for international law and the customs of war.

    Significantly, the so-called “russkiy mir” that the Kremlin aspires to impose on the post-Soviet space is based on the Orthodox foundation and certain values. However, actions of Russia’s political and military leadership do not correspond to Christian customs. Even on Easter, the most widely revered holiday in Christendom, Russia has not agreed to a ceasefire and has not allowed evacuation and humanitarian corridors. In his Paschal address, Moscow Patriarch Kirill has not called for peace or even a ceasefire. Few had expected this, given that the Russian Orthodox Church has been instrumentalized by the Kremlin, also in view of legitimizing the war.

    The war against Ukraine is not only an unthinkable way of conducting international relations. It is a severe violation of all biblical commandments which undermines human dignity of both Ukrainians who suffered as a result of Russian military crimes and Russians who commit, approve or remain silent about them. Another symbol of Russia’s immorality after Bucha is the Ukrainian city of Mariupol where a humanitarian catastrophe has been going on since March. It is approximately estimated that more than 20,000 civilians have died and more than 140,000 people have been deported to Russia. There are no undamaged buildings and communications left in the city. It is inconceivable that people are dying of hunger and thirst in Europe in the 21st century. And all the more inconceivable is that this humanitarian catastrophe is created intentionally and orchestrated by the military leadership of the Russian Federation. After all, all initiatives of Ukraine to bring humanitarian aid and evacuate at least the civilian population are either ignored or thwarted by constant shelling.

    The fact that Christian values in Russia are diluted by the KGB logic is clearly seen in contrast to the position of Constantinople, the world center of Orthodoxy. In his sermon after the Easter service, Patriarch Bartholomew called on Russia to end this unmotivated war against Ukraine, as well as to unblock humanitarian corridors to besieged Mariupol and ensure safe routes to transport people to territory controlled by Ukraine.

    For the Kremlin, this remains the last chance to save dignity it has left, for the systematic destruction of Mariupol does not provide any strategic advantage. It is only a morality and dignity issue; otherwise, Russia will remain a pariah not only in the international arena, but also in the entire Christendom.