Sunday, February 25, 2024

    Moscow patriarch calls Russian invaders’ atrocities in Ukraine “real feat”

    Moscow Patriarch Cyril Gundyaev seems to have gone mad: on April 3, he stated that “wartime service in the Russian Armed Forces is a real feat” and that this is exactly the time. That is, when the whole world saw the atrocities that the Russian invaders committed in Bucha and other cities, Moscow Patriarch Kirill spoke of the “feats of Russian soldiers.”

    This was reported by the Spiritual Front of Ukraine with reference to the website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    In addition, Gundyaev once again lied that Russia is a “peaceful country” and that the Russians are a “peaceful and long-suffering nation.”

    He further stated that the Russians allegedly never sought to harm others at all. That is, the atrocities in Bucha are “the good” and “the heroic time of the Russian army,” as per the ROC. This is a total lie of the occupiers’ “church”, which continues to operate in Ukraine with impunity, spreading propaganda.

    “We are not craving for war or for anything that could harm others,” said the head of the ROC and UOC-MP.

    Gundyaev also reiterated the “Russian world” propaganda narratives, declaring that the “peoples of holy Rus” had been “pitted against each other” by third forces. Cyril is probably alluding to the much-hated “West” (USA). According to the RPC, the United States is to blame for the war and the full-scale invasion of Russia. However, this is all a lie. Putin attacked not because of the United States, but because of his own imperial ambitions and his devilish nature.

    Meanwhile, a number of Ukrainians are still part of the church, which, despite the atrocities of the Russian occupiers in Bucha and Mariupol speaks of “heroic feats” instead of accusing the Russians of crimes against humanity and mortal sin, not even murder, but Satanism…

    It should be recalled that the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, Onufriy, continues to call Gundyaev, who has blessed Russian atrocities in Ukraine, “Our Primate”.