Thursday, June 20, 2024

    OCU priest blesses groom and bride on battlefield

    On March 8, a young Ukrainian couple, Olena and Oleksandr, both members of a National Guard unit, received blessings for a happy and long family life, creating a new family, the union of two loving hearts, from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

    The OCU assured that Life goes on and even if it is very difficult, unpredictable, and not exactly what we dreamed of. Still, it goes on and should therefore bring light and hope.

    Military Chaplain Archpriest Vasyl Andriychuk blessed the newlyweds for a happy life, full of God’s grace, while their unit commander testified to the fact of marriage. Today the main thing is that LOVE speaks loudly and joyfully in the hearts of the newlyweds.


    “Peace and family happiness be upon you; overcome all trials together and see a happy continuation in children, our dear newlyweds!” the OCU wrote.

    It should be recalled that the head of the OCU visited the wounded Ukrainian soldiers in a Kyiv hospital. Metropolitan Epifaniy also came to the Ukrainian army checkpoints to talk with Ukraine’s defenders on duty and support their fighting spirit.