Sunday, June 16, 2024

    Law enforcers nab provocateurs who vandalized Polish war memorial in Russia’s favor

    On November 25, 2021, Ukrainian law enforcement detained in Lviv the two vandals who are believed to have desecrated a Polish war memorial that is part of the Lychakiv Cemetery, known as the Eaglets Cemetery.

    Another complicit individual remains at large, reports.

    It has been reported that the provocateurs during their act vandalized part of the memorial with drawings of blue-yellow (Ukrainian) and black-red (UPA Ukrainian Rebel Army) flags and derogatory inscriptions targeting poles, as well as those praising Ukrainian historical figure, fighter for the country’s indepence Stepan Bandera (while ridiculously misspelling the latter’s last name).

    The detainees turned out to be the natives of a war-struck Donetsk region who had earlier arrived in Lviv from the eastern Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk. The Security Service of Ukraine says it has solid grounds to assume that the provocateurs acted on the instructions of the Russian intelligence services in order to provoke deterioration of Ukrainian-Polish relations.

    The culprits have already testifying, reportedly claiming they had been promised pay for the act of provocation, adding they don’t know any names of their handlers and pointing to their accomplice at large who had allegedly secured the deal with the provocation masterminds. Immediately after completing the task, the provocateurs were supposed to leave town immediately.

    According to the police, the detainees are 43 and 49 years of age.

    The Lviv incident took place against the background of a similar provocation committed in Krakow, Poland. On November 6, an unidentified individual vandalized a monument of the leader of the Second Commonwealth, Józef Pilsudski, spray-painting it in the Ukrainian flag colors.