Thursday, June 20, 2024

    ROCinU supports antivaxxers’ rally in Kyiv as Ukraine’s daily COVID-19 death toll hits 720

    Antivaxxers are rallying outside Parliament headquarters in Kyiv demanding that the authorities cease the “illegal” vaccination of the population. Naturally, the event had defied the quarantine requirements, being held on the day when 720 COVID-19 patients died, of whom 98% have not been vaccinated.

    “The lion’s share of those fighting for their lives in ICUs are also non-vaccinated patients. And now, amid this massive COVID-19 wave, this group of “concerned” citizens gathers in Kyiv promoting antivaxxers’ agenda. A quintessence of ultimate stupidity bordering on sheer madness, it might seem. But is it really the case?” military and political observer Oleksandr Kovalenko wonders.

    He has noted it’s not the first time that such an event is being held outside the Verkhovna Rada. Previously, it was the Russian Orthodox Church of Ukraine that stood behind the rallies, not even hiding the fact that it was their parishioners who were standing there carrying insane antivaxx posters and it’s their clergy who preach about the “threats” of the vaccination campaign.

    The rally against vaccination was also supported by ROCinU’s front NGO Myriany, which was engaged in protests against the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew and ensured for the ROCinU a cover to conceal their involvement in the efforts.

    “We support our brothers and sisters, who tomorrow, November 3, will go to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to express their protest against the introduction of compulsory vaccination and the related restriction of believers’ rights,” the Telegram channel run by the said NGO reported Tuesday.

    It’s interesting whether the Myriany will rally outside the Russian embassy protesting against the Kremlin’s aggression the same way they do outside the Verkhovna Rada, protesting quarantine restrictions?