Sunday, June 16, 2024

    “A problem for all Russians!”: ROC metropolitan regrets Putin isn’t immortal

    The fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not immortal is a problem for Russians, suggests Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov), who is believed to be part of Putin’s entourage and a very likely candidate to replace ROC Patriarch Kirill.

    That’s according to Credo referring to Daily Storm.

    According to the cleric, Putin “inspired the people,” and it so happened historically that “there is no one else who can maintain things in order now.”

    “Many people look and say, ‘Who else can work in the same way at the international level?’ Who else can restrain things within the country?” the metropolitan said, conveying what he believes is the “voice of the people.”

    According to Tikhon, it is difficult for Putin to find a successor for himself as the president faces the task of “saving and preserving” Russia.

    “He is a man of a completely different scale and level in many respects, including the awareness, including the infinite responsibility that lies upon him, which, believe me, he is very well aware of, more than we can even imagine. He is a man of business and, of course, he isn’t looking for any gratitude,” Tikhon continued. “Under Putin, Russia has been on the rise at the international level. And this shaped a person.”