Wednesday, May 18, 2022

    ROC should have excommunicated Putin from Church if they really defended “purity of Orthodoxy” – OCU Metropolitan

    Metropolitan Dymytriy (Rudiuk) of Lviv and Sokal with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine says, if the Russian Orthodox Church really cared about the purity of Orthodoxy, it would have had to expel Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Church.

    “When I watch Russian TV channels, including religious ones, sometimes I want to recommend that they give the president (of Russia – ed.) a slightly different place… Especially in the context of all he has done, his Orthodox piety is dubious. And if we are to defend purity of Moscow Orthodoxy, then Patriarch Kirill should consider the issue of his (Putin’s – ed.) excommunication from the church,” the OCU Metropolitan said in an interview with Novaya Gazeta.

    Earlier, Metropolitan Dymytriy said he saw no point in the very existence of the ROC if it remained silent about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Also, according to Metropolitan Dymytriy of Lviv, Filaret’s position is close to that of the ROC, while Russia will lose the war to Ukraine and this will be its end as a state with its imperial dreams.