Tuesday, June 18, 2024

    Cross from St Sophia’s central dome undergoing restoration

    The restoration of the cross from the central dome of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv is underway. More than 60% of the work on a new frame is completed.

    This is according to Vadym Kyrylenko, First Deputy Director of the Sophia of Kyiv National Nature Reserve.

    According to him, the experts have completed more than half of the work on the installation of the new frame for the cross. It was made of stainless steel instead of the metal base of the 1970s, which was in disrepair due to corrosion.

    Specialists also began restoration of the decoration (“shirt”) of the cross dating back to the 18th century. Currently, they updated the metal carving of the eastern plane of the vestment and began the restoration of the western plane.

    “We are carrying out the work without deviations from schedule and exclusively at the expense of patrons,” said Vadym Kyrylenko.

    Earlier, during an inspection of the cross from the central dome of St. Sophia of Kyiv, it turned out that its frame was made in the 1970s, but the ancient minted surface around it was preserved. After removing the defects, the original vestment will return to its place in the structure of the cross.

    Before starting the restoration work, specialists performed detailed measurements, chemical and technological analysis, and made a 3D model of the monument with all its damages highlighted.