Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Memorial service for Russian war victims in Ukraine held in Bucharest

    On Saturday, “Parcul Domeniilor”-Cașin Church in Bucharest hosted a moment of remembrance for the second anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine.

    Ihor Prokopchuk, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Romania, was in attendance, Orthodox Times reports.

    “We officiated a memorial service to honor the victims of this unjust conflict in Ukraine, which has caused and continues to cause tremendous suffering. We prayed to God to strengthen the Ukrainians on the territory of our country; we prayed for peace and unity because both Romania and Ukraine share the same Christian values,” said parish priest Gabriel Cazacu.

    The memorial service was held in Romanian and Ukrainian languages.

    The Ukrainian ambassador concluded by extending his appreciation to “all the Romanians who have assisted and continue to assist Ukraine.”

    “At the same time, I want to thank the Romanian Orthodox Church for the support it offers us.”

    “Thank you for holding this memorial service for all the heroes who fell on the battlefield, but also for the innocent victims of the war launched by Russia against Ukraine, starting on February 24, when Russian troops invaded Ukrainian soil. We must preserve our unity because supporting Ukraine means endorsing benevolence, peace, and welfare,” said Ihor Prokopchuk.

    The Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania (AIDRom) organized the event with priest Dumitru Colotelo, the former parish priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox community in Bucharest.