Sunday, March 3, 2024

    Russian invaders forcing believers in Donetsk region to renounce OCU

    Metropolitan Serhiy (Horobtsov), hierarch of the OCU, expressed his indignation over yet another case of religious pressure exerted on believers in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region.

    He spoke about his recent interaction with an elderly parishioner who told him that the Russian invaders had demanded during a sermon in the church recently seized by the Moscow Patriarchate that believers renounce the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and Metropolitan Serhii.

    “The Russians seized our churches by force, put our priests in Russian prisons, use my churches, cars, and accomoddation… Unfortunately, we cannot do here as they do there,” the hierarch wrote on social media.

    Most believers remained silent, and some refused to renounce the OCU, Serhii wrote. The hierarch expressed hope that in the near future, Russian priests will not be able to dominate Ukrainian churches and brainwash Ukrainians.”

    It should be recalled that in Cherkasy region, one more parish joined the OCU.