Sunday, March 3, 2024

    Metropolitan Epifaniy praises Ukrainian volunteers on their holiday

    Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy, honored Ukrainian volunteers on the occasion of the International Day of Volunteers, which is celebrated on December 5.

    Vladyka noted that being a volunteer is a very difficult task, but blessed is the work that requires an open and sensitive heart, care, and courage. He thanked everyone who helps people in this war, strengthening faith in human aid.

    The Metropolitan urged believers to pray for every volunteer who helps save lives, eases the burdens and concerns of other people.

    “Being a volunteer is a very hard but blessed job. To be a volunteer is to have an open, kind and sensitive heart, caring and courageous, which is able to perceive other people’s pain and problems as one’s own. To be a volunteer is to have spiritual strength and indomitability, to have in the heart the light of love, compassion and the desire to bring good to others. Volunteers reliably hold the defense of good and humanity in this terrible war with evil.

    December 5 marks International Volunteer Day, which proves that volunteering has no borders and overcomes the most difficult obstacles, accomplishing the seemingly impossible. Volunteering helped and helps Ukraine to survive this brutal war, which was unleashed by our northern neighbor. It strengthens faith in sincere human help, which does not require anything in return: neither material reward, nor publicity, nor public recognition.

    Heartfelt thanks and sincere prayers go out to each and every one who is a volunteer in any field important to people. We pray for those who help save lives, who ease the burdens and sorrows of others, who selflessly sacrifice their time, strength, support, attention, care, and warmth. Let all this return to such good people a hundredfold! And may the Lord protect everyone and help in all good intentions and deeds,” wrote the Head of the OCU.