Saturday, March 2, 2024

    Bishop Michael of Koman celebrates 3rd anniversary of episcopal ordination

    On November 8, the Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch in Ukraine, Bishop Michael of Koman, celebrates the 3rd anniversary of his episcopal ordination.

    We should recall that the consecration of Bishop Michael took place in historical Constantinople on November 8, 2020, in the Church of the Holy Heavenly Powers of the Incorporeal in Constantinople. The hierarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the newly formed Orthodox Church of Ukraine took part in his ordination, which was presided over by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

    The event brought the relationship between Mother Church and her Ukrainian daughter to a new level. Never before in Ukrainian history did the Exarchs of Constantinople, who performed their service on Ukrainian soil, hold such a high rank. That is why the ordination of Archimandrite Michael at that time became an event of epic scale, which once again testified to the care and concern of the Ecumenical See for our Motherland.

    And these years of persistent and sacrificial service of the Exarch, which fell on a difficult but fateful time for Ukrainians, became evidence of this. In this difficult period, our people feel the love of the Mother Church in a special way, her support and constant prayer, which pours from Phanar and Kyiv Stauropegium – the majestic St. Andrew’s Church. There can be no doubt that with such sincere prayers and the courage of our soldiers, the Lord will grant Ukraine the long-awaited Victory!

    On the anniversary of the ordination, the editorial board of the Spiritual Front would like to wish His Eminence spiritual and physical strength, strong Cossack health, countless and inexhaustible God’s blessings! May Bishop Michael hold the archpastoral staff in his hands for a long time and lead his flock along the path of Christ’s truth and Gospel truth to eternal and blessed life in the Kingdom of God.

    We wich the bishop many blessed years of life and service under the free and independent Ukrainian Sky! ΕΊΣ ΠΟΛΛΆ ΈΤΗ, ΔΈΣΠΟΤΑ