Wednesday, February 28, 2024

    SBU blocks AllatRa sect, accuses leadership of treason

    The Security Service and National Police conducted a series of 74 searches targeting 20 regional cells of the AllatRa sect and are pressing charges against its leadership.

    The SBU press service says evidence has been collected pointing to the sect’s cooperation with Russian intelligence.

    Pro-Russian propaganda, literature, weapons, and explosives were found during searches in the sect’s cells and residences of its followers in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad, Volyn, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions.

    According to the inquiry, members of the sect justified Russia’s armed aggression, promoted the idea of creating a “union of Slavic peoples” under Moscow’s leadership, and called for shelling of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

    The sect promotes its ideas through a network of its own media, online platforms, Telegram channels, and TikTok. The leadership of the sect, using forged documents, fled for the European Union in the spring of 2022, continuing their operations from there. According to law enforcement, the sect has branches in every region of Ukraine, but also in the EU, USA, Asia, Belarus, and Russia.

    The leader of the organization was immediately charged under four articles of the Criminal Code — treason (Part 2 Article 111), establishing a criminal organization (Article 255), propaganda of a communist totalitarian regime (Article 436-1), and justification of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine (Article 436-2). The same charges will be put forward against other five suspects.

    Perpetrators face up to 15 years or life imprisonment with property seizure.