Saturday, May 25, 2024

    Pope Francis calls US President Joe Biden to discuss peace

    Pope Francis places a phone call to US President Joe Biden to speak with him about various conflicts and the need to identify paths toward peace.

    That’s according to Vatican News.

    On Sunday afternoon, Pope Francis spoke by phone with the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

    According to the Holy See Press Office, the conversation lasted around 20 minutes.

    The Pope and the President spoke about “situations of conflict in the world and the need to identify paths to peace.”

    Earlier on Sunday, Pope Francis renewed his appeals for peace and restraint in the war in the Holy Land.

    “I am very concerned, grieved,” he said at the Angelus prayer. “I pray and I am close to all those who are suffering, the hostages, the wounded, the victims and their families.”

    He lamented the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza and blasts at the Anglican hospital and Greek Orthodox parish there.

    “I renew my appeal for spaces to be opened, for humanitarian aid to continue to arrive and for hostages to be freed.”

    He also recalled Russia’s ongoing war in “martyred Ukraine”.

    “War, any war that there is in the world – I also think of martyred Ukraine ,” the Pope continued, “is a defeat. War always is a defeat, it is a destruction of human fraternity. Brothers, stop! Stop!”