Saturday, June 15, 2024

    Invaders illegally detain two OCU priests in Donetsk region

    OCU Bishop of Donetsk and Mariupol Serhiy (Horobtsov) called to pray for the imprisoned OCU priests Khristofor (Khrimliy) and Andrii (Chuya). Both were detained by the invaders in the temporarily occupied territories.

    “I ask everyone to offer their sincere and heartfelt prayers for the priest from the Donetsk diocese of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Father Khristofor (Khrimliy). Reports have just arrived from the temporarily occupied territory that he has been arrested,” the hierarch’s post reads.

    According to the bishop, Father Khristofor is a good and really decent person. He constantly fasted and prayed.

    “I hope that the merciful Lord will not leave his servant and will protect him from all evil,” Bishop Serhiy expressed his confidence.

    On September 18, the Russian invasion forces also arrested OCU Archpriest Andrii (Chuya), who lived in temporarily occupied Donetsk.

    “All the time Father Andriy tried to help the needy and vulnerable, he was constantly praying for his parishioners,” the bishop noted.

    It should be recalled that during the occupation of Kherson, UOC-MP clerics tipped invaders on each other. The occupiers also destroyed a 200-year-old temple in Donetsk region.