Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Pope Francis once again mentions Ukraine in sermon

    On August 13, Pope Francis delivered his traditional Sunday sermon, The Angel of the Lord. As usual, he spoke from the balcony in front of St. Peter’s Square. Addressing the crowd of pilgrims, the Pope mentioned Ukraine among other things.

    This is reported by Vatican News.

    “And let us also pray for martyred Ukraine, which is suffering greatly from this war,” Pope Francis said.

    After that, he also drew attention to the problem of the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. He said he was praying for the dead, stressing that approximately 2,000 men, women, and children have already died at sea since year-start.

    “This is an open wound of our humanity. I support the political and diplomatic efforts aimed at its healing in the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood, as well as the efforts of all those who work to prevent shipwrecks and rescue migrants,” said the Pope, who went on to express the words of support to those suffering from the wildfires on Hawaii.