Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    Metropolitan Epifaniy hands ambulances to Department of Social Services of Kyiv Metropolis

    His Beatitude Metropolitan Epipfaniy of Kyiv and All Ukraine handed over two specialized ambulances with a load of necessary equipment to Roman Kholodov, head of the Department of Social Services of the Kyiv Metropolis Paravolan, in the courtyard of the Saint Michael’s Golden-Top Monastery.

    The Paravolan team, which includes students and graduates of theological educational institutions run by the OCU, evacuates wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the combat zone. So far, nine crews have already evacuated more than 6,000 wounded defenders, reports the press service of the OCU.

    These specialized vehicles, purchased as part of the cooperation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, will allow the Department of Social Services of the Kyiv Metropolis to carry out its important work more effectively, as they will put to service instead of those that are currently under repair.