Saturday, June 15, 2024

    SBU exposes teachers who sided with enemy in occupied areas

    The Security Service is pursuing its efforts to expose collaborators who help the enemy introduce the so-called “Russian educational standards” in the temporarily captured areas of the south and east of Ukraine. Fourteen teachers have been charged with collaborative activities.

    Among the traitors are the appointed heads of the “education departments” set up by the Russian invaders, as well as deans, school principals, and university rectors, according to the SBU press service.

    In the temporarily occupied part of Kherson region, the principal of the Nova Kakhovka School No. 1 was exposed for looting local educational facilities, as a result of which all property was transported to the occupied Henichesk. At the same time, in Mariupol, the newly-appointed head of the so-called “department of education” of the “DPR” was identified.

    The press service noted that the woman demands from chiefs of educational facilities to teach students “by Russian textbooks”.

    In addition, a former deputy of the district council and the principal of the local school were exposed for tipping the Russians on the home addresses of local resistance participants’ families.

    The inquiry also identified the “Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy at the Mariupol State University of the DPR.”

    Together with other “educators”, he was responsible for the destruction of Ukrainian textbooks in the facility’s library.

    At present, all suspects have been charged under Art. 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (collaborative activity). Comprehensive measures are being undertaken to bring them to justice for crimes committed against Ukraine.