Saturday, May 18, 2024

    Over 60% of Ukrainians support ban on UOC (MP)

    The majority of Ukrainians support the ban on the operations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in unity with the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP) in Ukraine.

    That’s according to a survey run by Active Group, published on March 13, Focus reports.

    Sociologists asked respondents three questions. The first is how they assess the activities of the UOC (MP), the second is whether Ukraine should terminate the lease agreements for church premises with the UOC (MP) and evict its priests from there. The third question is whether it is necessary to ban the the UOC (MP) in Ukraine.

    Almost 50% of the respondents have a unequivocally negative attitude toward the said church organization, more than 25% are neutral, and less than 7% see the operations by UOC MP in a positive light.

    About 80% of respondents are in favor of terminating lease contracts for church premises, and a mere 7% are against the idea.

    More than 60% of participants in the Active Group survey approved the ban on the operations of the UOC-MP, while nearly 13% consider such an initiative unnecessary.

    The survey was conducted through questionnaires. Citizens of Ukraine aged 18 and older took part.