Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    Church, President, or Army: whom Ukrainians trust most

    In 2022, the level of trust in almost all institutions increased sharply in Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine remain on top. They are trusted by 96%, while in December 2021 it was 72% of Ukrainians, according to the KMIS survey.

    Confidence in the president also increased dramatically. A year ago, only 27% trusted the leader. Now the indicator has increased to 84%. The trust in volunteers increased from 68% to 84%, in the Security Service of Ukraine – from 29% to 63%, and in the National Police – from 30% to 58%. The attitude to the government (from 14% to 52%) and the Verkhovna Rada (from 11% to 35%) also improved.

    This year, sociologists added the prosecutor’s office and courts to the list of institutions. Ukrainians are most critical of them. Now 25% trust courts and 34% do not. Also, 21% trust prosecutors, while 32% do not. The share of those who trust the Church dropped from 51% to 44%. Instead, Ukrainians began to trust ordinary people in their locality more (from 63% to 71%).

    Sociologists also asked about the attitude towards immigrants. 52% of respondents trust them and only 10% do not trust them (the rest have an uncertain / indifferent attitude).

    Confidence in the Ukrainian mass media has also increased from 32% to 57% over the past year. Trust in the Russian mass media remains extremely weak (dropping from 3% to 1%).