Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Moscow Patriarch Kirill asks Russians to have no doubt, to pray for “stopping Ukraine”

    At a time when Russia has occupied hundreds of square kilometers of Ukrainian land, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is asking Russians not to have any doubt, urging them to pray to the Mother of God for the “protection of Russia’s borders from Ukraine.” Despite the fact that most of the world recognizes the crimes committed by the Russians, Kirill is stubborn in his preaching of the myths spun by Moscow propaganda about the “piety” of Russians.

    “Now my word is especially to those who seem to doubt their faith (…) It is not the time to doubt – today is the time to mobilize our spiritual forces, to ask the Lord, the Most Pure Queen of Heaven, that the strength from above be given to our people to stop the enemy and protect the borders of our Motherland, but it means preserving the independence and freedom of Russia, for which it fought throughout its history and, finding this freedom, became a great state,” Patriarch Kirill said on October 14 on the occasion of the Feast of the Intercession.

    “We ask the Queen of Heaven to extend her state protection over us, as it was over previous generations of Orthodox Russians,” said the Patriarch of Moscow.

    Kirill again recalled the times when “the whole West turned against Russia” and how Europe allegedly “wanted to turn us into a colony.”

    “Even today,” he continued, “the circumstances related to what is happening on the external borders of our Motherland are rather complicated. And the forces that dream of destroying and conquering Russia are rising again. Today, all this is enveloped in other verbal forms, but behind all this is the irresistible dream of those who attacked Russia from the west: to destroy our sovereignty, deprive us of our freedom, and then use all the resources of the world’s wealthiest country for their own purposes.

    In conclusion, Kirill expressed his confidence that the Russians “keep the faith” and that is why they will be “protected by the Mother of God. He said all this after the UN recognized as illegal the occupation of Ukraine’s regions by Russia. That is, even the secular states see the sinfulness and crimes committed by Russia, but the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill fails to do the same.

    On September 27, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill in his sermon supported the military call-up declared in Russia, claiming it will help “reconcile” Ukraine and Russia. The mobilization of Russians for war with Ukraine, according to him, will allegedly allow Ukraine to be brought into the unified space of the Russian Church.