Friday, March 1, 2024

    No real Muslim can serve in Russian army – appeal of Muslim spiritual leaders

    Muslim spiritual leaders have issued an appeal regarding the statement of Russia’s imams on “jihad” against Ukraine.

    They explain why Russia’s war against Ukraine is not jihad and why Muslims who died for Putin’s criminal ideas are not martyrs, Censor.NET reports.

    “The war of Russian Muslims on the territory of Ukraine cannot be called jihad because Russia is not an Islamic, Muslim country. Moreover, Russia is the aggressor power, the one who attacks and seizes foreign lands. Therefore, Russia oppresses and represses. And those who are fighting today in the Russian-Ukrainian war are invaders,” noted Sheikh Ayder Rustemov, Mufti of Crimea, head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea.

    “Those who serve in the Russian army are not Muslims – those who voluntarily join and sign a contract. These people, according to Islam, are leaving Islam, because this Russian army is killing Muslims in Syria, they are aggressors in different countries. No Muslim who follows the true religion can serve in the Russian army. That’s in addition to how the mufti blesses the war in Ukraine. Muftiats of different regions receive money from the federal treasury. These people are sold out. And those who go there, they either sold out or fell under the influence of propaganda, they are fools who do not understand what they are doing,” said Sheikh Abu Umar of Sasitlin, a Dagestani Islamic preacher.