Tuesday, April 16, 2024

    MFA Ukraine reacts to reports of Pope Francis’s plans to visit Ukraine, Russia

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine believes that the visit of Pope Francis to Ukraine will contribute to the restoration of peace on Ukrainian soil.

    Thus, the ministry reaffirms the relevant invitation, says spokesman Oleg Nikolenko, who spoke with the European Pravda online outlet.

    The spokesman noted that the Ukrainian side had repeatedly invited the Pope to make a trip to Ukraine.

    “We believe that the visit will strengthen the pontiff’s role in restoring peace on Ukrainian soil, as well as support the spirit of Ukrainians who are going through massive suffering over Russia’s aggression,” Nikolenko noted.

    The spokesman called it indicative that Moscow is currently ignoring in every possible way the Pope’s willingness to visit Russia.

    “This is yet another evidence that the Russian regime seeks war, not peace. It’s time to deepen ties with those who sincerely seek it,” said Nikolenko.

    “We renew the invitation to Pope Francis to visit our country and urge you to continue praying for the Ukrainian people. Good will definitely defeat Russian evil,” he added.

    Earlier, Reuters reported that Pope Francis planned to visit Kyiv and Moscow.