Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Putin orders to destroy Ukraine, rape its women – Ombudsperson on Russian atrocities

    Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered Russian monsters to rape Ukrainian women – all in order to destroy Ukraine.

    This opinion was voiced by Ukrainian Ombudsperson Liudmyla Denisova, who spoke in an interview with Blick, as reported by Channel 24.

    She stressed that violence is a direct weapon the enemy is using against the civilian population of Ukraine.

    “The point is that they (Russians – ed.) seek to deprive women of the capacity or desire to have children again. This is a clear genocide. The soldiers rely on Putin’s orders to destroy the whole country,” Denisova said.

    In Kyiv region alone, there are more than 400 victims of Russian invaders’ violence.

    After the liberation of Kyiv from hostile occupation, people began to report rape by Russian forces. Subsequently, the psychological support hotline heard more than 400 calls with stories of Russian sexual violence against Ukrainians.

    “These cases are horrific. When psychologists say that, of course, they previously met with victims of domestic violence, but what Russian soldiers did to our women, girls, children, the elderly, and men, was hundreds of times more brutal,” Denisova said.

    According to the ombudsperson, reports of sexual violence are received from the temporarily occupied territories only when a mobile signal is restored there. But there have been no calls from Mariupol so far.

    Rape Basement in Bucha “no fiction”

    Denisova confirmed allegations of a “rape basement” set up by Russian troops in Bucha. There were 25 women aged 14 to 24 held there. Nine of the 25 victims are pregnant, including a girl, 14.

    The ombudswoman stressed that most victims must first receive psychological help and only then be able to testify against the perpetrators.

    It should be recalled that theologian Olexandr Yefremenko referred to modern Russia as “a rapist and murderer with a large golden cross on its chest.” Patriarch Bartholomew also spoke about the Russians, saying they are overthrowing destroying the Gospel and the ethos of Christianity, destroying the Orthodox in Ukraine.