Monday, April 22, 2024

    Refugee Project: ROC priests oversee deportation of Ukrainians, spy in Germany

    Journalist Natalia Pakhaichuk, who gained access to ROC files hacked by Anonymous, says Church priests turn out to be overseeing the forcible deportation of Ukrainians to Russia and also spying in Germany.

    She wrote about it on social networks, TSN reports.

    “I am reading ROC correspondence that was hacked by the Anonymous. So much is there! For example, information on the movement of deported Ukrainians. How many, where, and how people have been transported since February 18 (then it was called evacuation). They have tables indicating the capacity, filling percentage, and plan for filling the sites of refugee accommodation,” the journalist said.

    Natalia Pakhaichuk notes that the ROC calls the forcible deportation of Ukrainians a “refugee project.”

    “As of March 30, half a million Ukrainians were trafficked, including 100,000 children. The Russian aggression, blessed by Cyril, is called “conflict in Ukraine” in this correspondence. I would like to pay special attention to and possibly warn refugees in Germany. The local ROC Church is under special control, and the Bishop of Berlin-Germany reports to Moscow on the details of the ‘assistance’ provided to Ukrainians by the Orthodox Churches in Germany,” she said.

    Earlier, it was reported that hackers linked to the Anonymous group penetrated the website of the charity wing of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    It should be recalled that residents of the temporarily occupied Izium, Kharkiv region, are being forcibly deported by Russian occupiers to the territory of the Russian Federation, through the so-called “filtration camps.”